The “secret” to great ball striking: Golf Instruction Video

THE great Ben Hogan started it all when he said “the secret is in the dirt” and although there is conjecture about exactly what he was referring to most top golf coaches would agree that good golfers “organise” their swings from the ground up while the weekend hackers work from the top down. 

Top English golf pro Danny Maude, who we have featured before because of his simple, no nonsense approach, in this new golf instruction video says it’s all about feeling the correct sequence in the golf swing, using something called ground reaction forces.

Sounds complicated but Maude says good golfers get effortless power because their bodies control the movement of the golf club, not the other way around.

“All great players, their club reacts to what their body is doing, as opposed to their body reacting to what their club is doing,” says Maude, who is Head PGA Professional of Canterbury Golf Club.

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