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Golf Swing Instruction: Hip and Shoulder Rotation: Getting into an ideal...

IF the phrase “maintaining hip and shoulder rotation separation as you move into impact” has you reaching for a stiff drink, this golf swing...

Effortless Power Golf Lesson: Less tension, more speed and “hit it...

More distance with effortless power and less tension in the golf swing? That’s what we’re all after.

Golf Swing Tips: The one piece takeaway

AUSTRALIAN PGA Professional Rod Marshall, Head Pro at the award winning Ba Na Hills Golf Club in Vietnam, shows some helpful tips here on PGA TV for improving the golf swing.

Love those lady golf swings: 2018 Women’s NSW Open Photo Gallery

ITS probably a bit of a cliché these days but the oft quoted advice for amateur golfers is that if they want to copy...

5 Best Golf Swing Tips For Older Golfers : Video

THERE are a number of methods older golfers can use to improve their golf games and here US Top 50 Teacher Don Peterson shares his 5 best tips for senior golfers to swing better and hit longer drives.

Older golfers: Shorten your backswing. Iron tips from David Leadbetter

THIS golf iron video swing tip from legendary golf coach David Leadbetter is a bit of a shameless plug for the very interesting new Callaway Epic irons, but none-the-less is very topical for all of those who tend to overdo it in the backswing.

The Ben Hogan Glove Drill

WE liked this video by Peter Kostis he calls the Ben Hogan Glove Drill he introduced during the Travelers Championship coverage last weekend.

Educated Hands: Key to a Great Golf Swing

AAA Rated PGA Pro Ian Passwell from the Thornleigh Golf Centre says without doubt the most important position in golf is IMPACT. And that means having “Educated Hands”.

Older golfers can learn from the ladies on the LPGA Tour

HOW can a not so tall teenager like Lydia Ko hit the ball so far? …. tour veteran Johnny Miller reckons women golfers have to do a lot of things “better than the men” to make up for a comparative lack of strength.

Nick Price Swing Analysis


Golf swing plane simply explained

MANY people will be aware of Ben Hogan’s classic “pane of glass” golf swing plane image. On the printed page it is not always easy...