In 2017 ASG editor Brian O’Hare received an Australian Golf Media Award for Best News Report from Open Championship winner Ian Baker-Finch

Australian Senior Golfer

WELCOME to Australian Senior Golfer, an online magazine and website providing golf news, information, entertainment and resources for golfers aged 45 plus.

ASG was established in April 2008 and from the outset our vision was not just to provide news and information about older golfers and associated issues, but resources of interest to older golfers – and that just about pans out to be news and information on all things golf.

So we bring you all the latest golf news, views, golf equipment, golf tips, instruction, golf travel, special features and information and over time have built into a valuable online golf resource. There’s a lot of information on this site built up over the years if you just drill down a little.

Whilst we have content of interest to all golfers, we of course have a particular slant towards information and resources for “older” golfers. We don’t want to set any age barriers or limits, but we’ve set the arbitrary mark in the mid 40’s – whenever it is your body starts telling you it is time to start taking special consideration of it. But also, whenever it is you realise life is short and it is time to make the most of it and enjoy it as much as possible.

We are not just interested in golf clubs with senior flex shafts or so called “senior’s golf balls”, we want the latest drivers, irons and the best balls we can afford. But we are interested in things like health and fitness, adapting your golf swing as you get older, golf travel and lifestyle. One day we hope to have an article entitled “How to get the perfect golf swing in one easy lesson”. Until then, we’ll just have to concentrate on how to continually improve our golf swings pre-mortem.

As well as the usual pro tour stories, we pay particular attention to elite professional and amateur senior golf, and to all those average (and not so average) older golfers who participate in veterans golf tournaments and events.

Older golfer community

We particularly want to encourage participation and interaction from readers.

ASG provides the facility for readers to comment on all individual articles and posts by just clicking on the links at the bottom of stories. You can also comment on social media.

About the Editor

Australian Senior Golfer was founded by Brian O’Hare, a former Sydney journalist with worldwide reporting experience who is now an avid “older” golfer.

Brian only started playing golf as a 49 (and a half) year old but the game and the rich culture and tradition that surrounds it has now become a personal and professional passion that has just about overtaken his life.

Now an award winning member of the Australian Golf Media Association, establishing ASG has led to innumerable treasured experiences, including being part of the official working media at many big events including the 2011 Presidents Cup at Royal Melbourne, two World Cup of Golfs, every Australian Open since 2008, a couple of Australian Masters, a couple of Australian Women’s Opens, a number of Australian PGA Legends Tour events, and many big amateur tournaments.

As well as meeting some of the biggest names in the sport – the Adam Scott’s, Tiger Woods’s, Tom Watson’s – it has also been a great pleasure to spend some time get to know some of the countless fellow “ordinary” people involved in a game we all love.

We are particularly enjoying what we hope is now an ongoing annual ritual of attending the Australian Veteran Golfers Union National Championship at it rotates around the States and Territories. We began at the 2012 championship on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, followed up with the 2013 event in Canberra, the  2014 event in south western Western Australia, 2015 in Darwin, 2016 in the Adelaide Hills and 2017 on the Gold Coast. In 2018 its on to Port Stephens in NSW, and hopefully we will finish the big first lap in Tasmania in 2019.

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Australian Senior Golfer postal address: PO Box 4400 Shellharbour NSW Australia 2529.

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