Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Mark Officer’s Perfectstroke golf training aids

Attention! Officer onboard! Well, two in fact. When it comes to the science of rolling your 1.68 inch ball into a 4.25 inch hole which I miss by an average of 6.5 inches, Mark Officer knows as much as anyone in this country

Putting Speed Control Drill: Matt Ballard PGA TV Golf Instruction

PGA TV is covering the Fiji International currently underway at the Natadola Bay Golf Course, where putting speed and distance control on the revamped...

Larry Mize shows how to hit a Masters winning chip shot

LARRY MIZE broke a lot of Aussie hearts when he chipped in to beat Greg Norman in a sudden death playoff for the 1987...

Older golfers: Shorten your backswing. Iron tips from David Leadbetter

THIS golf iron video swing tip from legendary golf coach David Leadbetter is a bit of a shameless plug for the very interesting new Callaway Epic irons, but none-the-less is very topical for all of those who tend to overdo it in the backswing.

David Leadbetter: How to hit a successful pitch-and-run shot

FOR the past few weeks I've been lucky enough to be doing some golfing on the beautiful NSW Mid North Coast at some great regional courses and whilst I'm generally happy with my game there has been one thing consistently letting me down - chipping around the greens.

Golf: The Art of the Long Drive

NOT getting your drives out there 300 metres or so any more?.....yeah right. Two time world Long Drive champion Jamie Sadlowski with some golf swing tips.

How To Hit a Wood or Hybrid off a Long Par...

HYBRID golf clubs are all the go these days and can certainly help older golfers. Here’s a pretty simple tip on getting them to...

Andrew “Beef” Johnston ….. keys to a more “athletic” golf swing?

ENGLAND’S Andrew 'Beef' Johnston has had a meteoric popularity impact on the world golfing scene and that will only increase now he has a brand new US PGA TOUR card.

Ever wondered just how good a golfer you could be with...

DO you reckon there is a great golfer lurking within you? Want to make your own televised journey toward the best golfer you can be?

How to improve your short putts

SINKING those three and four foot putts can make all the difference to your golf game – just ask Dustin Johnson and his experience at the last two US Opens.

Golf tips from the European Senior Tour

SOME of the experienced European Senior Tour players have been asked the best golf tips they offer and the best advice they have received during their careers.

Gain More Consistency, Control and Confidence with Your Chipping, Putting and...

EVERYONE knows the importance of a confident short game and a new Australian operated venture called Golf University has come up with a compelling opportunity for average golfers.