One Golf Tip “That Will Change Your Chipping FOREVER!”

IT’S US PGA Championship week so what could possibly be better than getting “One Tip That Will Change Your Chipping FOREVER!” from a PGA Pro? Getting that same tip from two PGA Pro’s at once of course.

The one “life changing tip” being pushed here by English golf pro’s Piers Ward and Andy Proudman is one they admit might sound a little “strange” to many people, and go against traditional teaching; but they reckon it is being used by many of the world’s current leading players. And, handily, they have each other there to back up each other on that viewpoint.

What Ward and Proudman recommend is that when hitting a chip shot your intention should not be to hit the ball first and then the ground… that can just cause needless anxiety. What you should be doing is aiming to hit the ground first.

The pair cite the current techniques of the likes of Tiger Woods, Steve Stricker, Jason Day, and one of the world’s best short game artists, Australia’s Brett Rumford.

To support their view, one thing I can attest to after many years’ experience is that the ground (i.e. the planet) is definitely a lot larger than a golf ball, so obviously should be a lot easier to hit with a golf club.

Anyway, their video makes a lot of sense, and the effectiveness of the instruction is supported by many commenters.

[This video is only a couple of weeks old but the wedge giveaway mentioned at the end has already been awarded]


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