A golf swing tips video for all us senior golfers “who look like Adam Scott”

NOW I’ve always liked golf instructor Clay Ballard for his simple, no nonsense golf swing advice, but in this recent video he has gone way out of bounds.

Ballard starts this self-declared “fantastic” video lesson by saying “We’d all love to look like Justin Thomas or Adam Scott”.

Ballard can perhaps be forgiven, purely on the grounds of being an American, for being wrong on both counts. Firstly, he doesn’t realise that many of us Australian senior golfers, myself included, already look incredibly similar to Adam Scott (well maybe not my golf swing). Secondly, no one I know wants to look like Justin Thomas, particularly if he is wearing one of those “cute” little collared shirt and tie outfits he has been seen wearing publicly on golf courses.

But Ballard does have a serious point when he suggests a lot of videos for older golfers just give tips without firstly determining what their aging bodies are actually capable of achieving.

Ballard says the best course is to firstly simply test your range of motion and flexibility and then build your golf swing based on the results.

The video proceeds to suggest easy golf drills to add flexibility and distance to your swing.

(Ballard also suggests subscribing to his YouTube channel, but of course don’t do that unless you want to)


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