Help! A dingo ate my backswing: More distance for senior golfers instruction video

Well to be perfectly frank this isn’t actually a dingo and it didn’t eat this golf pro’s backswing.

What is really happening here is that a senior golfer has contacted American golf instructor Mike Sullivian with a plea to help his swing, saying he believes inflexibility means he no longer has a useful backswing.

The canine involved is just making sure Sullivan’s golf swing video advice will actually help the older golfer get more distance.

We should also point out we are posting this golf swing video during US Masters week, when there is an unofficial international agreement that you can say whatever outlandish things about golf you want – and no-one is allowed to complain.

You can say things like: “Augusta National, where man’s eternal quest for immortality meets natures supreme grandeur!” I did hear that on a US broadcast a few years back … and it has scarred/inspired me ever since.

As for Sullivan, he reckons senior golfers often think their lack of a full backswing is due to a lack of flexibility, where in most cases golfers (not just seniors) aren’t utilizing their full range of motion.

In this golf instructional video Sullivan demonstrates how you can get a fuller backswing and more distance without increasing flexibility.

He also does suggest to his dog that it get out of his way.


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