Larry Canning: What I’ve learned this week at the Women’s Australian Open.

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Larry Canning Portrait 174By Larry Canning

THAT women golfers have very poor eye sight. The poor little lambs don’t appear to have the ability or vision to line up their golf club to the target without having their caddy stand behind the ball to help them….Mind you, I didn’t see a single caddy stop their players and say – “nowhere near it! Start again and get it right this time!”

All I heard was – “Yes perfect” or if it was an American caddy – “That’s just right, now have a nice day”

I learned that all the top women players haven’t hit a bad shot since they took the game up! When you watch them on the practice fairway, it’s like you’re looking at 20 attractive robots all hitting golf balls exactly at the target with precisely the same flight.

Fame hasn’t changed Lydia Ko one little bit! This teenage sensation is one of the nicest, most engaging kids on planet Earth… I think she is from this planet anyway.

I learned what a fast twitch muscle is and how it works from super coach, Ian Triggs. I had a fast twitch muscle experience once about 30 years ago, when I accidently found myself leading a tournament with 9 holes to play. It was in an area of my body no one could see, though. Naturally it caused me to shoot 41 on the back nine.

 Triggsy had 6 players in this particular tournament including three major champions. What he doesn’t know about the golf swing isn’t worth knowing and I love nothing more than to syringe as much info from his brain veins as I can. It’s just a pity I can’t remember any of it.

Weight has absolutely no relevance to distance. I kind of new this anyway but it was good to have it confirmed by someone who weighs roughly the same as my golf shoes and who hits her sphere 30 metres longer than me.

And finally, Adelaide golf devotees are brilliant. They turned out in the 10’s of thousands to watch golf played the way its supposed to be, validating the change of cities from the sport hungry Melbourne fans, to Adelaide. Ive covered the past 10 Women’s Australian opens for radio and I’m struggling to remember a better atmosphere for this event. It will be on again in the city of churches next year at Royal Adelaide and the following at Kooyonga. Adelaide has a very nice airport folks and lots of lovely hotels to stay in…. Just don’t stay in the one I chose!! The room was that small, I had to sleep diagonally!

[Photo: Australia’s Karrie Webb at the Grange Golf Club in Adelaide: photo courtesy Golf Australia]


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