Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Is golf the last bastion of integrity and respect in the...

BY LARRY CANNING. I’m still processing Lexi Thompson’s four shot penalty called in by some goose who no doubt was spruiking at the bar of his golf club about how he cost a 22 year old kid a major championship.

Larry Canning’s 2017 Masters Observations: “Mighty Wrighty” would have known exactly...

Larry Canning gives one of his usual “highly insightful” reviews of one of the year’s biggest golfing events.

World Super 6 Perth was Brilliant

By Larry Canning. It was a world golfing first! And I’m not talking about Tiger Woods appearing on Married at First Sight, or Peter Fowler growing a fringe. It was golf's first international attempt to change the classic 18 hole round and speed things up a bit.

Larry Canning: In 2017 I reckon……..

After so many predictions for the golfing world proved so amazingly correct last year a supremely confident Larry Canning thought he’d have another crack at some prophecies for 2017.

Sorry Santa … Larry’s got quite a long list this year

JUST a minute… I think I can hear something. Aaha! It's Santa’s little helpers clattering around putting shafts in heads, sharpening up tees and wrapping up those sleeves of tour golf balls none of us real golfers are supposed to be using.

Shy, Affable Ashley Hall … Now has to overcome the Canning...

Larry just blogged himself... I KNOW it’s only round two and at the risk of putting the Canning Curse on him… wouldn’t it be a great yarn if Ash Hall was to win the Australian PGA!!

Oh No! Uncle Larry is rooting for the Italians at the...

By Larry Canning. GATHER up the wives, mothers and grandma’s, Uncle Larry is about to expose himself. I'm going out on a limb which is about as thin as the shaft in my Cleveland 58 degree wedge and declaring Italy the winners of the 2016 World Cup of Golf.

American Golf: The land of the fray…. and the home of...

By Larry Canning. LIKE I often say, I'm always looking for a good stoush. That’s one that I’m not personally involved in, of course.

Why Didn’t They Include Golf When The Olympic Games Began In...

Surprising even himself, Larry Canning has become an expert on the Olympic Games. Even the golf bit of it.

My golf ball, my golf ball … where the bloody hell...

By Larry Canning. I WANT to get this out in the open in the hope I can help someone else suffering the same condition.

When a (not so) young man’s thoughts turn to …. golf...

Maybe he's just boasting, but Larry Canning tells all about a recent first date.

Early morning rant … just par for the course

By Larry Canning. THE other morning, at some ridiculous hour, I was sitting in my lounge room, with a Nespresso Apregio Lungo in my left hand, a remote in the other and a plate with a jam covered crumpet on my lap.