Tom Watson “Lessons of a Lifetime”: The Grip

Watson says “proper grip” is crucial

WHETHER you are an experienced golfer or a rank beginner, ensuring you have a correct grip on the golf club is crucial.

Experienced golfers should regularly review their grip and setup whilst beginners need to understand the importance of getting the grip right from the outset.

As eight-time Major winner Tom Watson says on his best-selling “Lessons of a Lifetime” instructional DVD series:

“My good friend Jack Nicklaus once said if you have the proper grip and the proper setup can be taught, and I agree with him.”

Watson demonstrates his expert advice on the golf grip in the two edited clips from his instruction series below.

Watson’s main points on the golf grip are:

  • With left hand on the club, turn hand over until you see two knuckles
  • Point the “V” that forms between thumb and forefinger on your left hand, to your right shoulder
  • Left thumb down right centre of shaft
  • Right hand fits over top of left thumb
  • Right thumb goes left of centre of shaft
  • Point the “V” that forms between thumb and forefinger of your right hand , to right side of your chin
  • Form a gap between right forefinger and left middle finger
  • Three types of grip: the Vardon Grip, Interlocking Grip and Full Finger Grip
  • Proper grip promotes proper “hinge” of wrist during swing
  • Hands return to original address position at impact
  • Grip Pressure 1: Use light grip pressure, firm enough to hold club, but not too tight
  • Grip Pressure 2: Last three fingers of left hand and middle two fingers of right hand are pressure points

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  1. I started off with the baseball grip and then changed to the overlapping grip.

    Since then I changed to the interlocking grip which is used mostly by the professionals. I can’t see myself ever changing from this grip as it feels the most comfortable.

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