Free virtual “Mental Fitness” bootcamp coming to Australia


Let’s face it, older golfers are just millimetres away from being categorised as world class athletes so it is about time we began putting some serious (or at least a little bit of) effort into improving the mental side of our games (and lives), particularly in this very challenging covid era.

As they say, “Sporting ability makes an athlete, but it’s grit, determination and mental clarity that make a champion.”

Chief Psychiatrist Dr Murray Wright recently urged people to take care of their mental health as we are under the most serious stress many of us will face in our lifetime.  

So in these strange times, Toyota has responded by linking with world-champion athletes Ryley Batt and Jess Fox – and partnered with leading meditation studio The Broad Place – to create a mental fitness ‘gym session’.  

The Bootcamp is VIRTUAL and FREE (and limited-time) for anyone to join, this will give people a rundown of: 

·         What mental fitness is 

·         How to stay mentally fit 

·         Practical mind techniques to help people navigate the tumultuous time we are in 


Event details:  

Registration link:  

Date: Sunday, 29 August 2021

Time: Several sessions, between 9am – 12pm 

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