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Golf Posture: Key to a consistent golf swing

Most golf instructors agree that your posture at address dictates the full swing. Sports fitness expert Brad Ott explains the three common golf postures and what they mean for your swing.

Balance is key to good golf

EVER notice how balanced and stable professional golfers are? Physical Therapy expert Brad Ott explains the import of balance in the golf swing and gives some simple everday drills to improve your game.

Tips On Avoiding Golf Injuries

While golf is not considered a dangerous sport by many there are a myriad of ways injuries can happen on course. Doreen Brown offers some advice all golfers should be aware of.

The Power of Posture

GOLF COACHES often talk about the importance of good posture in the golf swing. Here, Accredited Exercise Physiologist Trent Malcolm says that while some postural deterioration is expected with age, there are a number of exercises and stretches that can help rectify poor posture, which will improve your body for golf (and life). Trent’s easy to follow routine will help improve your swing mechanics (and your health and well being) and give you “THE POWER OF POSTURE!”

Golfing dehyration guide

Dehydration can be a major issue for Australian golfers in summer. Blow out scores on the back nine can be just one of the very much unwanted symptoms of failing to keep up adequate fluid intake. This article will give you information and simple tips on avoiding a drop in fluid levels that can seriously affect your concentration and performance. Merely waiting to drink till you feel thirsty is not the answer. By the time you are feeling thirsty on the course you are already experiencing the first symptoms of dehydration.

Are You Fit For Golf?

Loss of flexibility and strength can be a real problem for older golfers. Here, Trent Malcolm, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, provides a tailored improvement program especially for older golfers.

The 7 deadly sins of warming up

By Ramsay McMaster, Golf Physiotherapist. Seven bad habits that can destroy your round. Number one is starting the day by rushing to the course. The tension and anxiety created can not only disrupt your golf rhythm but can lead to common injuries.

Golf aids memory, at least for some

WALKING not only boosts physical health but new Australian research shows it can also help your brain stay younger longer. That’s good news for (the many cartless) older golfers and means that even if your score starts to skyrocket as your aging body deteriorates, at least you’ll still have the mental capacity to add it all up at the end of the round.

Your 5 minute golf warm-up

Your dodgy knee mightn’t make the headlines but this quick routine developed by physiotherapist Ramsey McMaster is designed to build up “feel” in your swing– and may also help prevent injury. ## New video added

Ramsay McMaster Golf Fitness

Australian Senior Golfer is teaming with Ramsay McMaster, a leading authority on golf and the body, to publish a series of articles on golf fitness, particularly relating to older golfers. Ramsay, founder of the Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic, is a golf physiotherapist who has worked with countless average golfers, with top tour pros and coaches and with PGA's around the world.

Golfers live longer!!!

It's Official: Playing golf can actually prolong your life by an average of five years. That's a 40 percent lower death rate - and a lot of extra rounds to enjoy.

Healthy golf

Staying flexible and keeping the full swing tuned up can be major issues for older golfers.