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Golfers’ Health and Wellbeing Project Survey

REGULAR golfers are being asked to help expand knowledge about the relationship between playing golf and health and wellbeing by taking part in an...

Summer natural skincare giveaway competition: men and women’s packs to win

UPDATE: We closed our Blessed By Nature and Handsome Skincare giveaway and will be notifying the lucky winners of giftpacks shortly THE Aussie summer golfing...

Older golfers happier, healthier and more community connected: New report

Golfers are happier, healthier, and more connected to their community as they age than the average non-golfer, according to a new Australian study.

Swinging golfers toward good sun protection: The “Improve Your Long Game...

GOLF has many health and well-being benefits but one of the few drawbacks can be the amount of time participants spend exposed to the sun.

Be supported when you play golf and avoid lower back strain...

LOWER back strain and pain is unfortunately a common complaint for golfers, both professional and casual players alike. Muscle strains and sprains have the tendency to hinder their abilities but SRC’s SurgiHeal Recovery Shorts may help with recovery.

Tips On Avoiding Golf Injuries

While golf is not considered a dangerous sport by many there are a myriad of ways injuries can happen on course. Doreen Brown offers some advice all golfers should be aware of.

Are You Fit For Golf?

Loss of flexibility and strength can be a real problem for older golfers. Here, Trent Malcolm, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, provides a tailored improvement program especially for older golfers.

Golf aids memory, at least for some

WALKING not only boosts physical health but new Australian research shows it can also help your brain stay younger longer. That’s good news for (the many cartless) older golfers and means that even if your score starts to skyrocket as your aging body deteriorates, at least you’ll still have the mental capacity to add it all up at the end of the round.

Golfers live longer!!!

It's Official: Playing golf can actually prolong your life by an average of five years. That's a 40 percent lower death rate - and a lot of extra rounds to enjoy.

Healthy golf

Staying flexible and keeping the full swing tuned up can be major issues for older golfers.