How to Use Your Wrists in the Golf Swing? Depends if you have your name your golf bag and play for a living

ACCORDING to this new golf instruction video how professional golfers use their wrists  in the golf swing is drastically different than how the average “weekend golfer”, and particularly older golfers, should be doing it.

Todd Kolb from US Golf TV says for those golfers who have their name on their bag and play golf for a living – with heaps of time to practice – club head speed is rarely an issue, they have plenty.

Kolb says for these golfers with more swing speed and flexibility the wrist action is going to be more held off, which can help get a more consistent golf swing and shot accuracy.

For weekend and older golfers more wrist hinge in golf swing will help provide more clubhead speed through impact, even thought there maybe some trade-offs with accuracy.

For more on this topic: a few weeks back we had three time major winner Padraig Harrington championing “flipping the wrists”.



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