Paddy Harrington on why you should be flipping the wrists

IT just isn’t fair! Every Christmas it seems Santa is more than willing to step up to the plate and offer some yuletide golfing advice but when we try and approach the Easter Bunny for a few morsels of golf swing wisdom he just doesn’t give a shit… chocolate or otherwise. After much hand wringing we decided there was just one logical solution to our dilemma – we need something from the Irish. And on queue comes three time major winner Paddy Harrington with the very latest on why you should be flipping the wrists.

Padraig reckons that many golfers – the weekend warriors and the more accomplished alike – have been “conned” into thinking that an effective, powerful swing results from turning the shoulders or using the body. In actuality, he says, 70% of a player’s speed and face control comes from how well they use the wrists.

This is a brand new YouTube video from “Paddy’s Golf Tips” and his early viewers were more than impressed, not just with the golfing advice, but with the quality of the background music.

As one commented, “What more can you ask for.. Major champion world class golf instruction backed by lounge cocktail piano?”

Not only that, halfway through his dissertation Padraig’s golf bag falls over in the background. Paddy reckons the unscripted mishap proves the genuineness of the whole production. Irish golfing wisdom at its best.


  1. I’am so glad I came upon Padraig’s wrist and hand involvement for speed and club face control. It freed up my swing with easy power and better control. I had the best ball striking day in along time. I let my body react to my hands and arms and still had body rotation but not forced rotation. I also find that when I
    apply a push release and extension with my hands through impact it
    seems to apply maximum compression. I got that through LeeTrevino’s wisdom. Listening to Padraig Harrington break down the swing to it’s simplest and effective methods has been so helpful and insightful.
    Thank you so much.
    Steve Tyler

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