What can the average golfer learn from new Masters champion Hideki Matsuyama’s golf swing? Maybe ‘the pause’ is no more: Swing Video

CONGRATULATIONS to new Masters champion Hideki Matsuyama and to the golf fans of Japan, who get to experience what Aussie golfers went through in 2013 in celebrating their country’s first ever green jacket. With Adam Scott local golfers knew all they had to do was copy his classically elegant swing and they were a big chance if they turned up with it for the Saturday stableford. But what is the average golfer to make of the Hideki “pause”.

Hideki himself says the pause was never part of his original game and developed when he first started on the PGA Tour and with all the big hitters around him he started trying to swing as hard as he could to keep up. His backswing got too quick and uncontrollable and the pause came when he tried to consciously slow it down. Now he doesn’t even notice he’s doing it.

“I don’t even know I pause, so it’s hard for me to say, ‘okay, what am I thinking at the top or what’s my first swing thought in the transition,’” he says. “I really don’t know how that pause got into my swing. I guess as far as timing is concerned, I try to be as slow as I can at the top.”

Super slow motion swing video backs Hideki up in that he never actually stops at the top – bits of his body keep moving as he, very slowly, moves through the transition and prepares for the downswing.

And just to add to the confusion, Hideki now has a new coach and they are working on “speeding up” his “pause”.

[Yes folks! That’s exactly how to golf. Start with no pause, start playing on the US PGA Tour, develop a pause that helps you to five victories before you’re 26. Have your last win at the 2017 WGC-Bridgestone Invitational and then start working on speeding up your pause – which pauses your career victories – till you have a magnificent breakthrough victory at the 2021 US Masters, with a slightly faster pause.]

So the following Hideki Matsuyama swing video analysis might help clear thing up a little and suggest how the average golfer might benefit from adapting the swing to their own needs, abilities and body flexibility.

The video comes from the Skratch Golf Academy and as with all such videos there are entreaties to sign up for more. Whether you do or not is entirely your decision.


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