80 year old gives 84 year old a swing lesson, and golfers everywhere can’t get enough

YOU can get lots of golf swing advice from fellow golfers at times, often unwanted and unhelpful; but sometimes totally swing changing.

The 84 year old golfer depicted in this video has devoted his life to improving his swing – with some success – but still doesn’t mind getting some suggestions from a fellow older golfer. 

Perhaps Gary Player realises he only has 9 major championships to his name while the fellow offering advice – Jack Nicklaus – has doubled that tally with 18.

Nicklaus posted the video on Twitter, commenting that Player “might be, pound for pound, the finest golfer in history. And closing in on 85, he’s still tough to beat! He plays 5 days a week, and as you can see, he’s still trying to learn and always trying to get better.”

For golf fans it is a rare opportunity to gain some insight into how some of the all-time greats think, and talk, about the mechanics of the swing.


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