Senior golf swing slow motion: Golf video instruction

AS if some senior golf swings weren’t slow enough already… actually this golf instruction video from a US coach concentrating on older golfer’s swings make a lot of good sense.

It’s not a new video but it is the first time we have seen it so that makes it brand new, right?

Terry Bradley isn’t a PGA pro, he’s a guy (who says “guys” a lot) who has developed his own teaching method.

As well as slowing down the swings so viewers can actually see what’s happening, there’s a couple of good points in this video.

Firstly, there’s demonstration of the two inches that Bradley says makes “all the difference in golf”, and explanation of the importance of the positioning and action of the trail elbow.

As usual, there are suggestions of subscribing to Bradley’s “2/6 Simple Golf Swing Process” lessons, but all that is up to you.


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