How Tiger Woods Changed His Swing For The Masters 2019 | Golf Swing Analysis Video

The new Tiger Woods swing … shorts and all

IF you’re like a 43 year old (or older) golfer and you’ve had maybe a few serious back and knee issues – maybe even a spinal fusion operation – how do you adapt your golf swing?

If you’ve got a big event coming up – such as a tilt at a 5th Green Jacket or a very important Saturday comp – you don’t really want to be coming down the stretch in a winning position and suddenly have to collapse on the fairway in agony.

Here a couple of experts from Golf World analyse the swing changes Woods made coming into the 2019 season to compensate for his injury issues.

One big change not everyone may realise is that for once he went without and instructor and “owned his own swing”, on the basis that no-one  knows his swing better than himself.

And he played with his kids more. 

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