A Complete Guide For Golfers Over 50: Reach Your Full Playing Potential & Have Fun Doing It. Book Review

Review by Brian O’Hare

ONE of the great things about getting older is that life usually presents you with the ways and means of playing more golf.

Yes, there may begin to be the odd ache or pain kicking in, the drives for some inextricable reason might start getting a little shorter, and an occasional putt might lip out in a way it would be too terrified to do if you were younger.

But overall, the fact you have much more opportunity to get out and get on a golf course should be a fantastic blessing. All you really need is the wisdom to remember to enjoy it.

That’s where a new book “A Complete Guide for Golfers Over 50” by Team Golfwell might come in very handy.

Depending on your location – and overall geographical sensibilities – you may be a little unsettled to learn that authors “Team Golfwell” are in fact a group of retired golfers from New Zealand. But don’t let the fact that it is an all NZ enterprise put you off. (As the old saying goes, don’t judge a book by … the number of Kiwis involved!)

Team Golfwell has authored a number of recent golf related books and with this one their stated mission was clear – compile a truly all-encompassing guide “for senior golfers who want to learn a higher level of play and maintain that level as the years pass.”

And just as important that it secondly be: “for senior golfers who are looking to have more enjoyment and fun playing golf.”

Golfers arrive at the magic 50 years of age figure by a variety of paths but I’d hazard a guess that three of the most common experiences are:

  1. Golfers who have played the game since they were toddlers/primary school/ young teenagers and have played regularly throughout their lives without pause. Would include playing and teaching pros for whom the game has been their business and life.
  2. Golfers who started young but had big gaps in their careers through education/work/marriage/starting a family/military service/maybe injury etc
  3. People who take up the game late in life and who maybe arrive at 50 or older as a rank beginner.

I reckon “A Complete Guide For Golfers Over 50” has stuff beneficial to golfers in all those categories, even the pros, many of whom see 50 as an opportunity for a new lease of their golfing lives via their sudden eligibility to the often lucrative senior tours.

This book has over 300 pages of what would be expected stuff like overall golf advice, golf tips, golf techniques and golf equipment advice – but there’s much more.

The much more includes complete golfing exercise programs, ways to loosen stiff joints, diet information and goal setting. (There’s even some bonus pages at the back if you want to get really serious and record your fitness progress).

But what really sets A Complete Guide For Golfers Over 50 apart is the emphasis on fun.

A number of Team Golfwell’s previous books have been compilations of golf jokes (some of their adult golf jokes aren’t for the faint hearted) and it really shows here.

Not only is there a full chapter of golf jokes, there are jokes interspersed throughout the manual and another section on fun formats and suggestions on keeping up the interest by varying your routines.

Team Golfwell reckon it is much better to tell a couple of jokes on the tee instead of standing there getting steamed up about the slow group in front.

There’s also some quirky segments like “Things To Do When Playing With An Annoying Player” [doesn’t involve any firearms] and “Quick Tips When You Think Your Golf Can’t Get Any Worse.”

So you might be getting an idea of where Team Golfwell is coming from. There’s a good indication in the choice of emphasis with their first three chapters.

The first chapter is motivational and explains how numerous studies are showing golfers are overall fitter, have more self esteem and live longer than the average population.

The second chapter has words of advice and wisdom from many of the golfing greats including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, Justin Langer, Hale Irwin, Sam Snead and Lee Trevino.

Chapter three is Laughter Helps You Learn Easier and Benefits Your Health.

So there you have it: Live longer and healthier, absorb some wisdom (and maybe a game changing insight) from the greats, and laugh more. Much better than getting the shits over a fluffed chip shot.

I found the second chapter What Great Players in Golf Have Said About Senior Golfers to be particularly valuable (Golfwell personally contacted many of those contributing).

Amongst some great golf and life advice I particularly liked Lee Trevino’s quip: “The older I get, the better I used to be.”

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