Friday, November 15, 2019
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Brian Twite: Just Magnificent – Lessons from a Life in Golf

BRIAN TWITE is something of an institution at the Metropolitan Golf Club in Melbourne where he has been teaching Australians to play golf for...

A Complete Guide For Golfers Over 50: Reach Your Full Playing...

Review by Brian O'Hare ONE of the great things about getting older is that life usually presents you with the ways and means of playing...

Golf Books and Products

YOU can get all your golf books and many other products at very competitive prices at the new Amazon Australia website. Click through from our...

Matt Cleary: A Short History of Golf: Review

AS someone who came quite late in life to the glory that is golf one of the weakest areas of my knowledge about the game was its rich and storied history.

GOLF CONFIDENCE: The Golfer’s Mind Part 2

MANY golfers have a much bigger reaction when they hit a bad shot compared to when they hit a good one. They’ll beat up on...

The Golfer’s Mind

Ten mental game goals for your next round of golf from the renowned golf psychologist Dr Bob Rotella. CLICK HERE

Big savings on golf books

I have just sourced some new software through the Australian Senior Golfer Bookshop and was more than pleasantly surprised at the big saving involved. The purchase prompted me to do some price comparisons with major retailers that confirmed the great prices on the huge selection of new and used golf books available in the ASG Bookshop.