Be supported when you play golf and avoid lower back strain and pain


LOWER back strain and pain is unfortunately a common complaint for golfers, both professional and casual players alike. Muscle strains and sprains have the tendency to hinder their abilities but SRC’s SurgiHeal Recovery Shorts may help with recovery.

Designed in high and regular waist, SRC SurgiHeal shorts provide support, reduce swelling and improve healing and recovery in the first 10 weeks after abdominal and back surgery or injury. They are also used for support and back pain relief and can be worn for as long as they provide benefit.

The unique SRC garment technology promotes muscle stimulation and activation by providing gentle compression / light pressure to the pelvis, back and abdominal muscles. This is not possible if you choose a rigid support garment. From day one you can be confident in the knowledge that your SRC SurgiHeal Recovery Shorts are doing their job even when you’re not active.

Limited hip mobility during a full swing (back swing through to follow-through) can cause severe pain and lower back strain due to limited movement and internal rotation of the player’s hip. This rotation leaves the lower back open to sustaining an injury as little control is put into the forceful movement, and constant repetition can have damaging long-term repercussions.

Poor abdominal strength is also a contributing factor in lower back pain for golfers as it contributes to poor posture, resulting in inconsistent swings and increased strain on the joints.

Lower back pain is not only derived directly from golf swings, but also the activities associated with golf such as carrying a golf bag and teeing the ball. These activities combined have the ability to cause pain within spinal muscles and discs as both playing and carrying golfing equipment repetitively with poor posture can cause muscle strains and spasms.

Wearing the recovery garments while sleeping providers users with similar muscle recovery benefits to having an ice bath.

They fit like a second skin and aid in reducing swelling and pain while providing gentle compression to promote a faster and safer recovery from either injury or surgery.

The shorts have been developed using breathable fabric that is lightweight and incorporates multiple panels of power mesh lining to ensure users gain full advantage of its multi-directional stretch performance. This multi-directional stretch ensures the garments will retain their stretch and strength characteristics to ensure continual medical grade compression to reduce pain and improve mobility. 

SRC SurgiHeal Recovery Shorts are the ultimate golfing companion both on and off the golf green as they provide continual medical grade compression and help relieve pain. They are available for both men and women, in both regular and high waist sizes – perfect for a wide range of golfers.

They come with a 100 percent money back guarantee* and are available online via SRC Health’s website, as well as from select health care professionals and pharmacists.


SRC SurgiHeal Recovery Shorts   RRP $189

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