Golf: The Art of the Long Drive


NOT getting your drives out there 300 metres or so any more?…..yeah right.

Two time world Long Drive champion Jamie Sadlowski is making his professional tournament debut this week and put on a clinic for those looking for a little more off the tee.

The 28 year old Canadian is playing in the 2016 BNI Indonesian Masters at the Royale Jakarta Golf Club and had some simple tips on driving – maybe even appropriate for those of us who on a good day hope to get their drives past an Adam Scott six iron.

During his demonstration Sadlowski  wowed spectators by driving a ball through a one-inch wooden board. The ball then continued for a further two hundred yards.

“You’ve got to tee it up high,” Sadlowski suggested.

“Keep your head behind the ball, swing and hit the ball up. People tend to tee it too low and end up slicing the shot as they hit down on it”, he said.

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Long drive champion Jamie Sadlowski demonstrating how to hit a driver. If he just took that one inch think wooden board away from in front of him we reckon he would hit it much further. Photo Credits: 2016 Indonesian Masters



  1. His tip sounds like so simple because I don’t think just “Keep your head behind the ball, swing and hit the ball up” and you can get a long driving, or a long tee to be in specific. As far as I know, the length of the shot definitely bases on some different elements like the calculated launch angle, clubhead speed, spin. Can you tell me more about that?

  2. Hi John. He was just keeping it simple with the basics for his audience. And in golf I reckon simple is good.
    It is all about clubhead speed and you can get as complicated as you like with things like calculating launch angles.

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