How To Hit a Wood or Hybrid off a Long Par 3 and Get It to Stop on the Green: Golf University



HYBRID golf clubs are all the go these days and can certainly help older golfers. Here’s a pretty simple tip on getting them to launch higher off the tee so they land softer on long par 3’s.

It’s from the Golf University team and features Grant Field, Queensland PGA Teacher of the Year and coach of rising star Cameron Smith.

Field’s video shows:

The right clubs to use from a long par 3

How to get the ball to come in higher and softer

And …

How to avoid having the ball come up short or run through

Which will ultimately…

Help us get the ball to come in higher and softer so it lands and stops on the green.

(Note: You can watch many of Golf University’s videos free on YouTube and on its site. Whether you sign up to receive any of their free video series or more is up to you.)


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