Charlie Earp celebrates 75th

Charlie Earp with Greg Norman
Charlie Earp with Greg Norman

CHARLIE EARP, one of the PGA of Australia’s most popular members, celebrates his 75th birthday today.

Earp, the head professional at Royal Queensland for 40 odd years, is perhaps best known for his work with Greg Norman in the 1980’s.

The Queenslander is still deeply involved with the game, particularly encouraging junior participation.

“Normally I’m up in Darwin for my birthday because we have a big junior event up there every year,” he said this week.

“I’ve been doing that for about 10 or 12 years but this year we’re going a week later so I’ll get to see the family.”

Earp is still a regular figure around Royal Queensland and can still be found helping out juniors in the area. Another big love these days is fishing, though he reckons he doesn’t get enough time to pursue it.

“If you had all the time in the world it wouldn’t be enough,” he says.

“When I finally get out there I don’t even bait the hook because I don’t want the fish annoying me!”


  1. Well happy birthday charlie for whenever it was. From phil davis ex Palmerston golf club

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