‘Swing in the Sticks’ – new weekly regional radio show

A NEW one hour golf radio show called ‘Swinging in the Sticks’ will air this Sunday morning on 33 regional stations throughout the east coast of Australia.

The show is aimed at promoting golf, PGA Members and the hundreds of regional golf clubs dotted around the country.

It will run for 26 weeks and will also be podcast on the PGA website to reach golfers Australia wide.

Hosted by Australian PGA member Mark Allen and Crocmedia’s Andrew Lowther, the interactive program will tackle the latest news in golf with a particular focus on what’s happening locally.

Profiling local club heroes and uncovering a few ‘hidden gem’ courses along the way, ‘Swinging in the Sticks’ will help the PGA support its regional PGA members and their local golf communities at the same time promoting golf to an extensive regional audience.

“Throughout Australia we have over 1.2 million golfers playing the game and over 70% of the courses they play are located in regional areas. The number of golfers we can directly reach through ‘Swinging in the Sticks’ is significant,” PGA CEO Max Garske said today.

Aired in a timeslot perfect for catching golfers on their way to the course, the first episode of Swinging in the Sticks will be broadcast this Sunday 28th March, 2010 and the weekly podcast will be available from 8am.

A full list of radio stations and broadcast times can be viewed here.



  1. Can you please advise how to enter the competition to have a visit to local golf club with lesson as advertised this morning on radio. Thank you

  2. Please tell me why the conventional swing in the bunker is being replaced by an around the body swing chopping action?


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