Cameron Smith: Swing analysis of the new US PGA Tour low scoring record holder; Is it time to follow Cam’s inimitable style? No, not the ‘mullet’, the golf swing

Cameron Smith got Australian golf off to a great 2022 on the weekend, shooting the lowest tournament score in US PGA Tour history, going head to head with world #1 Jon Rahm and besting him at every turn, picking up a cool $2 million in prizemoney, and doing it all with typical laidback Queensland grace.

Straight after posting 34-under to take the Tournament of Champions in Hawaii by one stroke from Rahm, the 28 year old told the US greenside TV interviewer: “Mate, that was intense.” So the question is: Is it time to follow Cam’s inimitable style?… no, not the famous ‘Mullet’ hairstyle, the golf swing?

As a US golf magazine commented after Smith’s recording setting showing, his swing may not be as classically “pretty” as compatriot Adam Scott’s, but it is, they said, “workmanlike with great flow and energy transfer.”

His swing may have a couple of less than perfect components (as identified by the “experts”) but what it is, is a repeatable and flowing motion that obviously works when it comes to the crunch. For older golfers it is a swing that doesn’t really on overly bulging muscles or extreme body pressure and flexibility. So maybe it is worth a look at this recent swing video analysis by US PGA Tour teacher Mike Wilson.

As for the ‘Mullet’ that has now unfortunately become Smith’s internationally known trademark… maybe not the best look for the over-50’s… but that’s up to you.

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