Got the chipping yips? Join the club: Golf instruction video

Ain’t golf wonderful? All this covid on again, off again golf can play havoc with your golfing form…particularly your rusty short game. The score really doesn’t matter of course because you are finally out on a beautiful golf course again. But it would be nice to get that little white ball in that little round hole occasionally.

So the other day I was finally getting some putts to sink. “This is my best putting form in living memory,” I stupidly announced. Shortly thereafter golf struck back with a bad case of the chipping yips.

It’s okay to fluff three chips in a row right because you know as soon as you do get on the green you’re going to drain the putt? Not really!

Enter this new golf instruction video from the team at Me and My Golf, ambitiously titled, “This Chipping Video Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.” [In my case just regularly getting a chip somewhere on the green will be a good start.]

The video features Gareth, a 10 handicapper who has been struggling with his chipping. A dejected Gareth demonstrates his issue perfectly with his very first demo shot – a double hit yank to the left. [At least he got it into the air, I thought].

So here’s the video of Me and My Golf changing Gareth’s short game life….


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