Senior Women Golfers’ Association of Victoria

Photo from Beverley Mannix presentation. (L to R) Patricia Randall, Beverley Mannix, Johanna Miles (SWGAV Captain).

OVER the past few years we’ve come to know Victoria’s Patricia Randall as the tireless organiser behind the popular Yarrawonga Charity Golf Classic, an annual charity event held at the renowned Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Resort on the Victoria/NSW border.

Randall has impressed us as one of those powerhouse type people who take it upon themselves year after year to personally organise such a big event, and all in the cause for others, in this case the Mornington Peninsula Home Hospice for palliative care in the home.

Randall begins her Charity Golf Classic planning a year out and as a recipient of her regular newsletters and promotional material we know how hard she works.

For the past two years we’ve watched from the sidelines, with others, gutted when all that hard work and planning has three times come to nothing with last minute cancellation/postponement due to Covid.

Seemingly unperturbed, Randall has pushed on with her other passion projects, including, we discover, her presidency of the Senior Women Golfers’ Association of Victoria (SWGAV).

Randall took some time out to provide a bit of history of the association, which currently has some 250 members from 42 golf clubs across Melbourne. As usual with Pat, she’s pushing the efforts of others over her own.

Patrica Randall’s potted history of the SWGAV:

“Just to give you a little background, the forming of a golf club for senior women golfers in Victoria was the idea of Mrs Austin Gatehouse a member of Royal Melbourne Golf Club, who early in the 1960’s when a member of the VLGU, approached Mrs Ellie Hinton a member of the Huntingdale Golf Club asking her support.  The idea was received with enthusiasm and plans to interest keen golfers in this State were instigated.
Mrs Hinton over many cups of tea with either Club Presidents or Captains, and having received a very positive response from these ladies, encouraged the formation of a Committee to enquire into the possibility of forming such a Club.
These enquiries revealed many difficulties, and it was soon felt the idea was rather ambitious, a club for women only, became the dream for the future, but nevertheless, there was still much interest and from information that had been gathered from both the Veteran Ladies Association of United Kingdom and the Veterans Women Golfers Association of NSW. it was felt a similar club could be a success in Victoria, and so the SWGAV was formed. 
It’s object:
             To uphold the tradition, etiquette, sportsmanship 
              and companionship of the game and to assist in
                                 the advancement of golf 
And so in 1963 the Association became a reality and now 59 years later this organisation is still continuing to give ladies in this State who have reached the age of 60 years, the opportunity of competing in competitions really well organised for them for 9 months of the year.
There are 42 clubs across Melbourne with SWGAV members and the Association has a current membership of 250, with around 100 competing each month.          
The Association is non-profit, with a donation of $1500 being donated each year to a junior girl who is in need of financial help to give her the opportunity of reaching her dream!
On August 2nd at the Keysborough Golf Club, a presentation of a Perpetual Trophy in the name of Beverley Mannix was made, in recognition of her devoted dedication over 40 years to the SWGAV.
Beverley is a Life Member of SWGAV and even at the age of 93, still attends most lunches and presentations, and keeps an eagle eye on all procedures.”
Inaugural winners of the Beverley Mannix (centre) Perpetual trophy – L to R, Jacqui Butcher (SWGAW vice captain) and Virginia Holloway
Randall gave the following speech in honour of Beverley Mannix:


“Ladies, this afternoon’s presentation is a very special and memorable occasion, as the person whose honour and the award is made, is with us today.

This person is Beverley Mannix, and I would like to give all our members who have been able to join us today, a brief background of just a few of this great Lady’s achievements.

Most of our ladies are aware of Bev’s attendance for lunch at most of our events, but I have known this lady for over 25 years, and I am still learning.

Bev started playing golf at the Amstel Golf Club in Cranbourne in 1969, and during her 33 years of membership, represented the club for some 10 years in their pennant team.

In 1985 Bev was elected Vice President of the Amstel Golf Club, and during that year the SWGV held their golf day and the Amstel Committee entertained the SWGV Committee.

Mrs Bobby Langford who was Vice President of the SWGV gave a talk to all present saying if they did not get some members to go on Committee, it would fold.  I’m sure all our ladies present today have heard all that before!  But we were all newbees says Bev, so I took it very serious!  Elly Hinton supported those words spoken by Bobby, and at the same time, mentioned that this year was her 24th year as President and Bobby’s 7th year as Vice President.

So I wrote away saying I would like to join, but I would have to wait until I had finished my year as President of Amstel.  A reply came back to say that was suitable as there was a waiting list, and I would be put on it.

In 1987 I received a letter to say if I was available, the President would like me to come to a Committee meeting at the home of Mrs Beryl Hill in Brighton.  All committee meetings were held in the homes of the committee members.  So my journey commenced through the ranks of the SWGV committee, becoming Vice President in 1991 and in 1992 I took over the President’s role, the role which I held for 15 years.

My years on committee were always a pleasure as I loved my golf, and I loved mixing and socialising with all the members.  I never had a partner, I always left it to the Captain to pair me with a player without a partner, so I played with a lovely mix of ladies.   

But that is not all that kept our Bev busy, as she worked for the VGA as Secretary to Mr Colin Phillips, who was the Secretary of the VGA.  Part of that role was to host the VGA Classic every year, with players from all around the world competing.  Bev also played a role in helping the Victorian Ladies Golf program called ‘Betterment for junior girl’s golf.

Ladies, I will not even attempt to mention all Bev’s private & personal achievements, because we could be here till tomorrow.

Bev, I feel very honoured, but humbled at the same time, to have known you, and have been a friend over these past 25 plus years.

Could you please come forward and make this great presentation to our 2021 inaugural winners”.

For more information on the Senior Women Golfers Association of Victoria  click here


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