MGI Zip Lithium Golf Buggies: A rundown of the models available in this popular series

MGI Zip Navigator AT

By David Schultink.

It is time to ditch the manual labour on the golf course and hone your skills more efficiently. Electric golf buggies are the future for golfers with their convenient, efficient, and practical designs. This investment makes every golf game more professional and smoother, whether it be for leisure or competition.

There are numerous electric golf buggy designs, so where do you begin to look? Here is our rundown of the latest and most popular models to make it an easy choice.


Zip Navigator AT

The Zip Navigator AT features a robust design well-suited to even the toughest of golf courses with its all-terrain functionality.

Regardless of the terrain, its independent swivel front wheels and tread rear wheels help you always maintain complete stability and directional control. If you are more of a spontaneous golfer with a keen eye for challenging terrain, this is perfect.

In addition to these stability features, the Zip Navigator AT also comes with patented gyroscope straight tracker technology and a remote control to enjoy smooth navigation across the golf course. Not to mention the twin 230w calibrated motors and large lithium 24v 380Wh battery – together, these provide lasting high-quality performance.

Check out the MGI Zip Navigator AT remote golf buggy.


Zip X5

MGI Zip X5

Equipped with downhill speed control and an electronic park brake, you can enjoy full control over your Zip X5 golf buggy without hassle, making it perfect for terrain with many hills.

There is no need for you to adjust the speed manually – this electric golf buggy automatically transitions between uphill and downhill, and you can use the simple one-button electronic brake to park on any incline.

The Zip X5 also comes with resettable odometers and a controlled distance function for accurate, hands-free movement. It is light, small, and totally efficient for all golf lovers.

Check out the feature packed MGI Zip X5 golf buggy.


Zip X3

MGI Zip X3

The modern Zip X3 is a golf buggy with all the appropriate features for fun, hassle-free golfing. Controlled distance functionality, a swivelling and lockable front wheel, as well as all-terrain tread rear wheels allow the Zip X3 to navigate effortlessly.

When precision and insight are key, the Zip X3 will not disappoint, with stat-readers like walking distance and longest drive integrated into the design. A quiet yet powerful 230-watt motor and advanced digital tech gives it outstanding all-around performance on the course.

Focus more on the game and less on the little things with this must-have golf companion. This model is ideal for those who prefer simplicity as well as practicality in one convenient design.

Check out the versatile MGI Zip X3 golf buggy.


Zip X1

MGI Zip X1
MGI Zip X1

You will forget the Zip X1 golf buggy is even there with how quiet and smooth it is. This innovative design helps you concentrate and improve your skills while being a subtle assistant for your equipment.

Constructed with digital electronics, variable speed control, a battery indicator, a fixed front wheel, and a foldable rear 4th wheel, the Zip X1 electric golf buggy focuses on the essentials, guaranteeing stability and convenience on the golf course.

The Zip X1 is a fundamentally powerful golfing aid with a sophisticated, modern design and can adapt to any golfer’s game with remarkable efficiency.

Check out the affordable MGI Zip X1 golf buggy.

The MGI Zip Buggies fold to a compact size for easy storage


When it comes to golf, you need focus, patience, and constant practice. Save yourself the time and effort required to move your golf equipment around by using an electric golf buggy instead.

*David Schultink is from Hillside Buggies – Hillside offer high-quality electric golf buggies, golf accessories, and lithium batteries at reasonable prices, suitable for beginners or pros. Australia-wide shipping.

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