“Trail Elbow Getting Stuck? (find out why)”: And why is it so important in the golf swing

Christina Ricci from More Pars Golf
Christina Ricci from More Pars Golf

ONE of our most popular golf swing instruction videos in recent years is from US PGA and LPGA golf pro Christina Ricci which is labelled “Trail Elbow Leads Way to More Distance”. It’s all about the importance of the trail elbow in the golf swing.

Since that video was originally posted back in 2018 we were even thinking of recycling it for newer readers, but on queue along comes Ricci with this new video expanding on the subject and providing new insights on what is a crucial golf swing concept.

Christina Ricci is a PGA Class A, LPGA Class A, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Level 3,TPI Power L2 & Fitness L2 and best-selling golf author (four instructional books).

See the original “Trail Elbow Leads Way to More Distance” video post here


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