Your golf driver swing: Gently does it to find more metres

IT’S a popular meme in golf – less effort, more power – but what’s an easy way to practice that. In this new offering from Shawn Clement’s Wisdom in Golf Lessons series the well-known online coach first references three-time major winner Payne Stewart who used to practice hitting his driver just 125 yards with a full swing.

He then turns to Tiger Woods [Here’s wishes for a full recovery] at an exhibition where he set up and hit all his clubs 155 yards.

Clement tries it himself with a 1/10 effort swing to attempt to hit his driver 175 yards – and is suitably impressed when the ball goes a whole lot further.

“Range of motion trumps effort 1000% of the time,” Clements says. To fully understand that statement have a look at this golf tips video.


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