A wonderful video about a 95 year old man playing his very last round of golf

Kevin Kerin golf
Kevin Kerin removes his golf ball from the hole for the very last time

AFTER 52 years as a member of The Grange Golf Club in Adelaide local man Kevin Kerin realised it was time to give up golf.

Filmmaker Stuart Kerr was there to document the bittersweet final afternoon of golf for the 95 year old as he gave his lifelong perspective on golf, and how he was drawing the relationship to a close.

The short film has clearly touched many golfers; with one YouTube viewer commenting: “Just realized that I am more overwhelmed by the idea of my final round than I am of dying.”

Stuart Kerr says of his subject: “Kevin’s a real old-fashioned gentleman with a great sense of humor. His attitude toward retiring from the game was really nice to see: no regrets. He was very much at peace with his decision and satisfied to say goodbye to his relationship with the game — but still remain friends.”

In the video Kevin has some words of wisdom for us all.

“I can’t say I have ever had an unhappy experience at golf,” he says. “The game of golf has taught me to be calm, not to be carrying on and throwing sticks and swearing about bad shots because none of that is due to anything but you. And when you learn to accept that and play accordingly golf is very enjoyable. If you are worried about bad shots you might give up earlier in the piece.

“Acceptance is a very big thing in life generally.”

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