Can you handle 7 minutes of ‘The Big Easy’s’ Slow Mo golf swings? If Not, Slow Down: “Simply a Thing of Beauty”


Ernie Els swing

IT’S a big week for golf with the restart of the US PGA Tour and golf courses around the world reopened, or in the throes of it. But before we rush into it all maybe it is a good time to highlight what it is all about – the golf swing.

The European Tour has just bobbed up with this seven minute YouTube video compilation of Ernie Els’ slow motion golf swings.

The ET offered no more excuse for posting the video than: “One of the smoothest swings in the history of golf – Ernie Els’ action in slow motion is simply a thing of beauty.”

The now 50 year old Els is a four time major winner with 71 professional wins in all under his substantial belt. That renowned easy, powerful motion is sure to cut a swathe through the senior tours and events in the coming years. He already has one win on the US Champions Tour.

As one of the commenters on the YouTube video wryly suggested: “Looks the same as Ernie’s swing at full speed!”

Enjoy! It equals seven minutes of top golf instruction.



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