Alien Pros Golf Overgrips Review: Liven up your game with these great feeling, functional, low cost golf club grips

THEY reckon one of the quickest ways to revamp a “tired” set of golf clubs is to fit new grips.

Traditionally, that meant a trip to a golf pro, maybe an overnight stay for your babies, and with 12 or so clubs involved well over $150 coming out of the back pocket.

Enter a colourful new player in the golf grip market, Alien Pros Golf Overgrips, a product that turns all that on its head.

The Alien Pros certainly come in some distinctive designs, but a big feature is that you fit the grips yourself in a very simple process that only takes a couple of minutes per club. The cost would be less than half of what you would normally expect to pay for traditional grips.

But the most important features when it comes to golf grips of course is feel, usability and function.

TRocket Golf is the new Australian distributor of the Alien Pros (along with some other top select products) and they kindly sent us some samples to try out.

Before we actually examined the product and knew exactly what it was we had the misguided fear that if we put the Alien Pros on a couple of clubs and didn’t like the feel and tried to remove them we’d be left with some sort of sticky mess. That idea turned out to be very misguided.

Taking a look at our clubs we were a little taken aback there were two who were obvious contenders for an Alien Pro makeover – our Ping G20 driver and 3 utility club – both looking worn and with a couple of clear indentation marks from finger grip pressure.

Fitting the new wrap on grips proved surprisingly quick and easy. There are five application instructions on the back of each pack and for someone who often fails to overcome the supposed idiot proof… we didn’t this time!

Ping grip … BEFORE
Ping grip … AFTER

From the first try the grips felt great – soft but reassuringly stable and firm with a slightly tacky feel. The more we tried it the more we liked that “slightly tacky’ feel.

On course the slightly bulkier, soft feeling grips I think helped us maintain awareness of our grip pressure and hand positions.

The makers say the Alien Pros Golf Overgrips “are made of flexible, absorbent material with just right amount of friction that makes a slightly tacky grip” and that they feature a “strong anti-slip function”. We’d say we have to go along with that as the grips never felt like slipping during our swings.

More importantly of course, we had chosen the “Blue Waves” design and they looked really flash. The makers say that is because the “hydrophilic coating is what enables the overgrips to have intriguing designs without compromise on functionality”. Whatever a “hydrophilic coating” is, we’re all for it.

The Alien Pros Golf Overgrips are now available online ( and will be available in more golf outlets shortly) for just $6 each.

Well worth a try next time your clubs need a spruce up.

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