IM4 Single Seat Golf Buggy: a top choice for older golfers

iM4 Golf Buggy

OLDER golfers needing a bit of motorised assistance around the course have a number of options but one that should not be overlooked is the excellent IM4 Single Seat Golf Buggy.

The IM4 is regarded by many as the “Rolls Royce” of single seat golf buggies, 
and is the choice of golfers wanting the best-of-type.
The IM4, features a backrest, stylish design, powerful motor, a number of included extras and is easily transported to and from the golf course in your station wagon or SUV. 
We’ve written before about another motorised buggy option in the FourStar Golf Cruiser, also available from top Australian distributor Electric Vehicles Oceania, based at Northmead in Sydney.
The IM4 and FourStar Cruiser have a number of advantages over other options, such as a full traditional golf buggy. For a start, there is a much lower up front asking price and you also won’t be slugged with what can be very hefty ongoing storage and/or access fees at your home course of other venues you visit.
The IM4 offers you complete independence on course, and like the FourStar, is easy to transport to your course of choice, and playable at no extra cost.
Electric Vehicles Oceania has the newest version of the IM4 in stock, and offers around $500 of new accessories and improvements, none of which are available elsewhere in Australia.
Two optional extras now available a Sunshade Cover for hot or rainy weather, and a great Lambswool Seat Cover for hot and cold weather. 

Updated features and accessories included:

  • Quick release golf bag holder, for easy and fast removal/refitting of bag and holder when loading/unloading the IM4 into a car.
  • A USB port on the instrument console, for charging a mobile phone and/or running a golf GPS for course maps, terrain, distance etc.
  • Steering column adjustable angle settings for extra comfort to suit person size.
  • Two-speed switch relocated to a more easily accessible position on instrument panel near the throttle.
  • Umbrella holder and bracket relocated from in front of the rider to behind the seat for better vision and angle/position of the umbrella.
  • Quick release hasp and clasp for easy access to the battery and motor compartment, free-wheel connect/disconnect lever, and for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Improved golf bag holder base with “bucket” to ensure golf bag doesn’t slip or move around.

Specifications, Features & Benefits of the IM4:

Steel frame construction
Strong fibreglass body
Rust protected powder coated steel work
Easy battery access
Colours: Red, Blue, Green, Black

Motor 36V 1200 watt permanent magnetism
Sealed Lead Acid Gel batteries 12V 50 or 80 AH (Lithium Batteries available at additional cost)
Automatic pulse charger input AC110V/240V Optional Output DC36V/5A/8A
Throttle mounted speed switch High (19Km/h) Low (6.4Km/h)
Recharge time 6-8 hours
Maximum travel distance 50Km
CURTIS controller 1227-3402 DC36V/160A
CURTIS connector
Hall accelerator continuous variable speed system

Length 49.5” (125.7cm)
Width 32.5” (82.6cm)
Height 42” (106.7cm)
Height folded 31” (78.7cm)
Ground Clearance 4.5? (10cm)
One person seating capacity
Carrying capacity 200kg
Weight 178kg
Maximum speed 15-19km/h (or can be programmed to suit application)
Slope climbing capacity 30 degrees
Turning radius ?3m
Forward & reverse console mounted
Helix spring shock absorbers
Tyres 32.5cm x 15cm, 4 ply tyres
Japanese wheel bearings
Electromagnetic braking system
Full range of optional accessories
12v USB charging port


Also See: FourStar Golf Cruiser … now an even better way to get around the course

More information on the the IM4: ELECTRIC VEHICLES OCEANIA



  1. Hi,
    We’ve alerted the people at EVO about your inquiry and no doubt someone will be in contact with you directly about the current offers.
    Cheers, ASG

  2. Hi Stephen,
    This is just to note that John Lord from Lordco (EVO) has responded to you personally with sales and product details either from their Sydney base or the Victorian distributor.
    Happy golfing!

  3. Live in Canberra, local supplier cost etc..?? havent seenmuch recently about these, all seem t obe old posts?? Has anyone got one in canberra i can touch base with?

    thanks D

  4. Dario, Have passed on your comment to the people at Electric Vehicles Oceania who will no doubt be in touch with you about about your IM4 options in Canberra and the other details you mentioned.

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