An Effortless Golf Swing – Using the Catapult Method: VIDEO

EVEN under the new rules of golf, you are not allowed to use an actual catapult when trying to get a bit of extra distance on the golf course – worse luck.

But here English golf pro Danny Maude offers the next best thing … how to use all that centrifugal, natural forces stuff with a golf club to help you toward the holy grail of life – an effortless golf swing.

It’s simple really, you just make sure you’re not stifling yourself by holding on to the club too hard and trying, with all your might, to push and steer the club for all it is worth.

The other thing Danny does in this video is starkly remind people – people like me who might live in an Aussie coastal region and have just experienced a seemingly endless, hot summer – that there is about to be a thing called winter, where people voluntarily wear very odd, woven, woolly hats. In public!

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