Stonecutters Ridge shine at home in WSRVGA Inter-Club Championship

Ron Thomas from Leonay Golf Club in action at Stonecutters Ridge

By Noel Rowsell.

Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club has dominated the opening round of the 2018 Western Sydney Region Veteran’s Golfers Association (WSRVGA) Inter-Club Championships, recording a massive 157 points in the ‘Club of the Year’ competition.

Richmond GC was runner-up with 147, ahead of Wallacia GC 146, Dunheved GC 145, Leonay GC 142, Glenmore Heritage Valley GC 140, Penrith GC 135, and Springwood CC 133.

Fred Wernicke (Stonecutters) relished the relatively easier set-up of his home course for this event, clearing out from the field with an impressive 45 points to win A Grade.

Warren Husband (Glenmore) finished second with an otherwise healthy 38 points, including an Eagle on the 18th hole.

B Grade winner was Ted Malicki (Wallacia) with 41, ahead of Colin Cheyne (Richmond) 38 c/b.

C Grade winner Walter Zaw (Stonecutters) 36 c/b, ahead of Peter Blazek (Leonay) 36.

Renato Grimaldi (Wallacia Golf Club)

Ladies Division One: Kerry Robertson (Penrith) 30, ahead of Wendy Thompson (Wallacia) 27 c/b.

Division Two: Gabrielle O’Dempsey (Richmond) 40, ahead of Diane Bowen (Dunheved) 37.

Medley 2BBB: Jane Mackie and Gabrielle O’Dempsey (Richmond) 46, ahead of Dorothy Willmington and Warren Husband (Glenmore) 44.

2BBB (Men) Trevor Buckler and Edward Malicki (Wallacia) 48, ahead of Fred Wernicke and John Uebel (Stonecutters Ridge) 46.

Elaine Williams (Dunheved) at Stonecutters. Elaine was also the WSRVGA Female Player of the Year in 2017

ALL PHOTOS: Action from Stonecutters Ridge Golf Course in the WSRVGA Inter-Club Championships – photos courtesy of Noel Rowsell (


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