Larry Canning going out on a limb for Hyejin Choi

Hyejin Choi shot a final round 5-under 67 to finish runner up at the Women’s Australian Open.

By Larry Canning in Adelaide.

Where’s that limb again… aaah yes there it is right under my feet and I’m going out on it as we speak.

Some years ago, three in fact, I watched, in absolute awe, a teenaged Ariya Jutanugarn play the game differently to all the others. Her power was crazy but it was the strike of the ball, the flight even the sound it made that set her apart. She had shots in her armoury not many others had and she wasn’t shy in putting them on display on the biggest stage.

I arrogantly announced she would become World Number 1 within 2 years… alright I might have said 1 year but sure enough the Thai superstar took the top spot some 30 months later.

With my limb-balancing confidence on a bit of a high, I reckon it’s time to throw another similar prediction at you.

Today I witnessed the next world number 1, courtesy of that golfing juggernaut, South Korea.           

Hyejin Choi was on the winning World Amateur side in 2016, came second in the New Zealand Open as an amateur, again came second in the US Open in 2017 and has just finished runner up in the Australian Open … and all in her first 18 years on this earth.

Like Jutanugarn, the way Choi hits the ball is different for all the right reasons. She has clubhead speed of most male tour players, with a beautiful ball flight that allows her to spin the ball either way. She can hit a long iron up in the air and stop in on a firm Kooyonga green and has a putting stroke smoother than a Michael Buble song you hear while waiting for your main course.

She is flat out, bloody impressive.

So heed my words readers. I’m in total control of this limb….. at the moment.

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