Older golfers give young remote control car pranksters what for: Video

TWO older golfers enjoying an afternoon on the course didn’t quite appreciate it when a couple of young pranksters intruded into their game with a remote control car.

The young guys thought it would be funny to film their toy car race onto the green and run over the balls as the golfers approached.

The older guys didn’t think it was amusing at all.

“It’s really funny,” one of the golfers said menacingly. “We’ll see how funny it is!” And promptly smashed the car with his golf club.

WARNING: What followed contained lots of graphic language, but (thankfully) no actual nudity.

You see a lot of these “funny” videos doing the rounds on the web, but this one, for some reason, we particularly liked.

Maybe it’s because – particularly in the middle of a really “serious” round (they could have been playing for a $2 lottery ticket after all) – we could see ourselves doing the toy car smashing if it suddenly appeared and moved our balls.

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