Friday, June 22, 2018
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Older golfers give young remote control car pranksters what for: Video

TWO older golfers enjoying an afternoon on the course didn’t quite appreciate it when a couple of young pranksters intruded into their game with a remote control car.

Golf Humour

With all the gloom and doom of the world financial crisis it is a good time to add to our much neglected golf humour section. Here are a few new golf jokes to lighten up the situation. When searching for golf jokes, religion often seems to play a big part and in two of the new jokes it is a major player. In the first, a golfer in his golden years gets some divine help while playing the famous 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass.

Tiger Woods Walks on Water

Many people have long suspected Tiger Woods could walk on water and now there is a video to "prove" it. The first look at a long-rumoured "Jesus Shot" has been posted on YouTube, showing Woods hitting a wedge from the middle of a water hazard. Problem is, he does break Rule 13-4 in the process.

The Laws of Golf

It is not generally well known that when Moses came down from the mount with the Ten Commandments, he also returned with the Universe's 20 Laws of Golf. They have recently been rediscovered in a cave near the Dead Sea. Read them in the Golf Humour section.

Deadly serious golf…

Some people just have more focus than others.....a couple of additions to the Humour section

Pebble Beach

You know the one about the golfer mourning his dear departed wife.....more in the golfing humour section

Swings to copy


New Golf Course Design

This new golf course design is being considered for deployment on the Parramatta River in Sydney. Designers are just working on a few glitches with the out of bounds areas.