Ever wondered just how good a golfer you could be with the right support? Search 4 Scratch Program

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DO you reckon there is a great golfer lurking within you? Want to make your own televised journey toward the best golfer you can be?

How good do you reckon you could be with access to the best golf coaching, equipment, practice routines, course management and mental skills training? 

Well, six lucky golfers – of any ability and aged 18 to 80 – are going to get that opportunity thanks to a new documentary TV series.

The series will be produced by the Golf University people at they are currently searching for six everyday golfers to participate in their

“Search 4 Scratch” Program between August and December 2016.

The Search 4 Scratch process will immerse the participants in the ideal golf learning environment, with three x 2 – 5 day residential workshops on location at the beautiful Riverside Oaks Golf Resort in Sydney.

Participants will be able to perform like professional golfers in an intensive training camp environment.

The Program aims to enhance the golfers:

1) Technical golf skills and their applications in various situations on the golf course.

2) Ability to create a champion mindset (on and off the golf course)

3) Ability to play within themselves by using quality course management strategies.

“Search 4 Scratch is not about getting to a zero handicap, it’s about identifying what your scratch is – specific to you and your circumstances and being committed to achieving it over a 4 month period”, says Golf University CEO and founder Andrew McCombe.

Former Australian National Women’s Team coach and now co-coach of the Indonesian Golf team, Lawrie Montague is the head coach for the program and believes the holistic nature of the concept should ensure significant handicap reductions.

“I’ve never met an amateur golfer who couldn’t significantly improve their game as long as they receive golf instruction that is communicated to them in their favoured learning style”, says Montague.

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Participants will also get to explore the potential of their mind and its effect on their golf throughout the program with renowned Sport Psychologist and lecturer at Victoria University, Dung Tien Dao. He will provide daily hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other mindset techniques to help build a champion mindset.

If you would like more information and/or would like to register your interest to be part of the Search 4 Scratch Program / Documentary visit http://golfuniversity.tv/search4scratchtv


  1. I need to be in this I’ve played golf for years as a junior and had to put my career in golf behind as I never had the right opportunities as life got in the way
    I know I can make it as a professional through this program I currently play off around a ten handicap but can shoot anything from 70 to 88 as I only play once a year now my last game I shot 69 please get me in

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