Golf balls don’t know how old you are


Karrie Webb Featured[2]

AT the grand old age of 41 Karrie Webb, arguably Australia’s greatest ever player, knows a thing or two about golf.

At her recent media conference before the 2016 Women’s Australian Open in Adelaide questioners seemed fixated on the fact she would be playing against a number of players more than half her age, including defending champion and world No.1 Lydia Ko, just 18.

The seven time Major winner had a neat response.

“I’ve always said that the golf ball doesn’t know how old you are,” said Webb with a smile.

“It’s just about getting it in the hole. As long as I feel fit and healthy to play I feel that I can be competitive every week.”

Webb said Ko shared a similar mentality about age in many respects.

“Lydia mentioned last night that when she was achieving of these ‘youngest records’ she wasn’t thinking about the age of who she was competing with – and I don’t either.”

But one thing we are willing to bet on (but probably not the house) is that Ko doesn’t follow through with her current stated plan to retire when she is 30.

“I said I was going to retire when I was 35, but I’m still going,” Webb said. “When you’re eighteen, thirty seems like a long way away — but from experience it comes around pretty quickly.”

From experience, many Australian Senior Golfer readers can no doubt attest that 50 comes around pretty quickly as well. And 60.

One day you get up and look in the mirror and there’s definitely and older looking person in there staring back at you. Who that person actually is, I have no idea.

But as “we” all know, the correct answer, the impulse, is never that we’ll give up golf.

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