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SOME of the experienced European Senior Tour players have been asked the best golf tips they offer and the best advice they have received during their careers.

A recent article published on the tour website detailed some of their answers in what is a continuing series of “quick fire questions” to Senior Tour participants.

Some of the tips published are:

If you had one tip to give a 20 handicap golfer, what would it be?

Grip and swing!

“The strength in which you grip your club is the most common mistake. Never grip a club firmer than you would shake a ladies hand” Rick Gibson – 1 time winner on the Senior Tour (pictured above)

“Try to swing to a finish and on balance” Andrew Murray – 1 time winner of the European Tour

“Take your time on your backswing. Club head speed going back never hit the ball any further!” Greg Turner – 4 time winner on the European Tour

“Most high handicapper’s I play with grip the club very high and try to thrash at the ball, I would say loosen grip and swing the club, don’t hit” Tony Charnley – English player

Practice, Practice, Practice!

“Even though it may not be as much fun, practice what you are not doing well.  This allows you to practice with a purpose” Tim Thelen – 4 time winner on the Senior Tour

“Better to go to the course 4 x 1 hour in a week instead of going 1 x 4 hours. Swinging the clubs often make you a better player and it gets more enjoyableSteen Tinning – 2 timer winner on the Senior Tour & 2 time winner on the European Tour

What’s your last thought before you hit a driver?

“My last thought before any shot, especially the driver is target, target, target” Rick Gibson

“No thoughts. Golf is a reaction. You visualize the shot and then your body reacts” Tim Thelen

“Relax” Alan Saddington

“I just try and think of the shot I want to hit (not the one I don’t want to hit)” Greg Turner

What’s the best advice you’ve been given by anyone on tour, and by whom?

Around the green!

“Seve (who might be the best chipper of all time) told me to never try and spin a chip shot unless you have to.  He could spin it as much as he wanted but said he never did unless there was no other option” Greg Turner

“Des Smyth taught me how to weaken my grip for shots around the green. By taking both hands on the grip to the left or in a more neutral position and in turn making the hands less active improved my chipping around the greens. Rick Gibson

Never give up!

“In 1985 I was close to giving up when I met Eddie Birchenough, I was struggling with set up and takeaway badly, I hated golf at the time. Eddie talked with me about what I wanted, then took me on the range and watched. Eddie quickly spotted set up and grip, told me to move hands slightly forward, changed the whole feeling and made me swing easier. I practiced hard with Eddie and my best years came soon” Tony Charnley

The full article is here

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