Peter Senior basking in his popularity with Aussie golf fans

Peter Senior _Aust Open 2015 media c


FOR a golfer who has had so much success for so long Peter Senior is certainly an unassuming sort of bloke.

“I’ve been a good player but I haven’t been  a  great  player,” Senior said at his media conference at The Australian Golf Club ahead of the 2015 Australian Open.

But even Senior had to admit he was amazed by the crowd reaction coming down the back nine at Huntingdale on Sunday when he captured his third Australian Masters title, and famously his Triple Crown of Aussie events in his 50’s.

The 56 year old said he hadn’t seen that sort of crowd barracking and encouragement since the glory days of Greg Norman.

A questioner noted Senior’s performance had put golf back on the newspaper front pages on Monday for the first time in recent memory.

“Yeah,  there’s been a lot of  hype  over  the  last  couple of days,” Senior responded.

“The  last  nine  holes  at  Huntingdale was the first time since I played with Greg Norman  that  I’ve had  crowds  cheering  all the  way up  the fairway  from  tee to  green.  It hasn’t happened  –  well  I  haven’t  seen it happen in Australian golf for some time.  The crowd following me that afternoon, the last 9 holes unbelievable.”

Despite the success, Senior is still ranking himself in golf’s second tier.

“I’d put myself in the second   category   behind   Peter Thomson,   Norman,   Adam   Scott,   those sorts of guys. I’ve been a good player but I  haven’t been  a  great  player. I’ve  won  a bunch of  tournaments, but  you’ve got to be realistic.I only ever got to about 20the in the world on the world  rankings  and  that says it all. Never  really had  a  chance to win  a  Major. Fourth  was  the  best  I  ever did,  probably at  the  British  Open,  so  the great  players of  the  game  will  always  win Majors.”

Facing what he says will be his last year on the US Champions Tour and an imminent switch to a short putter (he says he’s spoken to Adam Scott about the move and will adopt his claw grip style) Senior spoke of how older golfers can be a continuing inspirations to those coming behind them.

“When  somebody is sort of 23, 24 and not going so well and they see   somebody of that age still winning. I still marvel at Tom Watson and Hale Irwin. They still play great golf; Hale’s 69 and  Tom’s 65 but  just  the  longevity that this game gives these guys. If you’re 25 and  you’re  finding it  tough, it’s  easy to see  you’ve got  another 30  years  left. I think it  should  inspire  a  few of  the  young guys to think well I’ve got plenty of time to get going, let’s weather this and come out on top of it.”

Senior wasn’t giving himself a whole lot of chance of winning another Stonehaven Cup this year, mainly due, he said, to the length of The Australian Golf Club.

But if the weather and wind turn nasty on the weekend, who knows what this seasoned fighter could pull off.

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