Matt Kuchar on how golf works: “You’ve got to take your lumps”

ON the surface, seven-time US PGA TOUR winner appears to be one of the most laid back characters in golf.

But as he, and everyone who plays the game knows, golf isn’t always plain sailing.

Fresh from his win at the weekend at the 2015 Fiji International, the 37 year old American golfer talked about the pressures of golf and life balance in a PGA of Australia video.

“The game of golf beats you up,” Kuchar says after spending four days playing and winning in a golfing ‘paradise’ – even if the paradise was a little windy and wet at times during the week.

“It beats everybody up, there’s nobody that’s exempt from it,” he says. “It makes everybody a bit mentally crazy. It absolutely did it to me. “There were times when I’d finish a round, miss a cut, and tell my wife I played beautifully, as good as I think I can play, and I’ve missed the cut by 3 or 4.”

“You go back shaking your head, scratching, looking for answers and trying to figure out how to get better and then there are some points when you think this is my best and it is not good enough, what do I do now?”

For Kuchar the answer seems to be to try and stay positive, to be surrounded by a supportive team.

“It’s kind of the way golf works – you put your time in but you’ve got to take your lumps in the game,” he says.

So the next time you feel like throwing your clubs in frustration or going outside the evening after a bad round to scream at the moon … it’s just a lump. It will pass.


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