Pitch Marks: Repairing Pitch Marks that interfere with putts: Golf Rules Video

WE all pretty much know you can repair pitch marks when you’re on the putting green and there’s a divot in the way of your intended line. But the rules covering putting from the fringe can be a bone of contention for some.

This situation came up recently on course with a player putting from just off the fringe and a plug mark just in front of them – but off the green.

There was almost an international incident (well maybe an inter-suburban incident) until the situation was clarified by a nearby handy rules accredited player.

This Golf Australia Rules Video is very timely then and states very clearly that if you are putting from off the green and there is a pitch mark in front of you on the green you are allowed to repair it. If the pitch mark in front of you but located off the green …. stiff cheddar.

And remember, you’re allowed to fix pitch marks on the green only, not scuff marks or any similar imperfections, no matter how inconvenient.

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