Friday, November 24, 2017
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Radical overhaul of rules of golf proposed to modernise the game

THE R&A and USGA have announced what amounts to the biggest overhaul of the rules of golf in more than 30 years.

Modernising Golf’s Rules: Key Changes Infographic

The R&A and USGA has released a preview of golf’s proposed Rules changes. Here’s an infographic of five of the most significant changes, and also a link to video resources and explanations of the proposals expected to have the most impact on the game and to be of most interest to golfers.

New “DJ” rule for golfers accidentally moving a ball on the...

COMMON sense for once reigns in the golfing world with the powers that be announcing a new local rule that says there will be no penalty if a ball is accidentally moved on the putting green. INFOGRAPHIC

A Guide to Golf’s Most Unusual Rules

HOW well do you know the Rules of Golf? Back in 1744 it wasn't so hard to master them, after all there were only...

Golf Rules: Taking Relief from Immovable Obstructions

HERE’S another golf rules area that causes confusion with many golfers: taking relief from immovable obstructions. When, where, why and how can you do it.

Golf Rules: Common mistakes players make

MOST club golfers learn about the Rules of Golf from their playing partners … which means there are a lot of golfing myths and inaccuracies passed around.

2016 Rules of Golf changes: Video

EVERYONE knows about the coming ban on anchored putting strokes but the R&A and USGA this week announced a number of other Rules of Golf changes coming into force on January 1.

Pitch Marks: Repairing Pitch Marks that interfere with putts: Golf Rules...

WE all pretty much know you can repair pitch marks when you’re on the putting green and there’s a divot in the way of your intended line. But the rules covering putting from the fringe can be a bone of contention for some.

Ball moves on putting green – GA Golf Rules Video

GOLF Australia has highlighted this timely golf rules video on the often asked situation where a ball moves after being marked on the putting green.

Larry Canning: In defence of long putters

WATCHING Tim Clark make the winning putt in the Canadian Open, with his Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball Broom Stick Putter, has prompted not only me, but a bunch of other disillusioned golfers to throw more verbal darts in the general direction of the Clubhouse at St Andrews.

Anchored Putting Officially Banned

It’s back to the practice putting greens for Adam Scott and other users of broomstick and belly putters. The equipment isn’t banned, just using any part of the body to anchor strokes.

Rules of Golf bunker question

BUNKERS can not only be difficult to get out of at times they can also be a minefield when it comes to the Rules...