Jason Day gets the “Hollywood” treatment

SINCE his starring role in the US Masters last month and continued good form, Jason Day has been getting something of the “Hollywood” treatment in the US lately.

He’s certainly been getting lots of attention in the golf media and television coverage.

I loved the lead paragraph in a feature article on Day published on the USA Today website last week, leading up to his defence of his Byron Nelson title.

In the middle of nowhere in the land Down Under, a young boy dug his golf game out of the dirt and in the process grew into a man,” it began, echoing a 1000 movie trailer voiceovers. But there was more:

“Shot by shot at a boarding school and golf academy in the Gold Coast hinterland southwest of Brisbane, seven hours away from his family, friends and former drinking mates, the lad swatted away his rebellious, troubled youth and built the foundation for a flourishing career.”

My mind began whirring away and thinking what Australian actor we should get to play the part, but that started to give me a headache so I stopped it.

All Day needs to do to get the momentum really going is to win the US Open in a couple of weeks.

The USA Today story actually is a pretty good profile. You can read it here.

On further reflection, maybe Johnny Depp is available.

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