2014 British Open: Australian TV Coverage

British Open logo thumbTHERE’S unfortunately no joy for those searching for live television coverage of the 2014 British Open but as usual pay tv will offer extensive live and repeat coverage.

We’ve written before a number of times about one of golf’s biggest and best tournaments being denied Australian free to air coverage [and many readers have expressed their anger] but basically nothing has changed – the US Masters has free to air but not The Open Championship.

Maybe one day it will return to one of the national broadcasters – one of those ones they are always attacking – but in the meantime you can either join us on the dark side with pay tv, find a reliable internet streaming site, or spend some time at your local club.

British Open Fox Sports Coverage

Australians with Fox Sports subscriptions will have a wealth of coverage this week, with much of the live coverage in prime time and beyond – you just have to stay up – or get up – very early Monday morning if you want to watch the important bit at the end (and here’s hoping it is a happy ending for Aussie golf).

There’s also the replays each day and all the preview and historical type programing leading up to live coverage beginning Thursday 6pm.

British Open Live TV Times (AEST)

1st Round: Thursday 6pm – 5am
2nd Round: Friday 6pm – 5am
3rd Round: Saturday 7pm – 4:30am
Final Round: Sunday: 8pm – 5am

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Brian is a former Sydney journalist who didn’t have a skerrick of interest in golf till he hit his first ball at the age of 49 (and a half). Since then golf has just about overtaken his life. Brian founded Australian Senior Golfer in April 2008 and has since covered every Australian Open, Presidents Cups, World Cups and numerous other big men’s and women’s tournaments, spending days inside the ropes with the likes of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, Tom Watson, Greg Norman, Adam Scott, Jason Day, Karrie Webb, and many others. He has also played in, and reported on, amateur tournaments, particularly senior and veteran events, around the country. Brian is a member of the Australian Golf Media Association.


  1. Sorry mate you have to read this , I’ll replace the words I would like to say to the #%^%#% free to air stations who could and DONT telecast the golf ..
    What a $&@&$& joke they are, it 2014 and like me and the many who don’t have access to fox or want to sit in a pub late at night, we can’t watch an icon of sporting events on free to air TV ..
    We have the number one ranked player, along with the return of T. Woods and a cast of many , and what do we get @&$$&@ re runs or other bullshit.. What a €£¥%#^ load of crap..
    I’ll bet 9 or 10 receive the broadcast but don’t telecast it ..
    The are a pack of C¥^+S..
    I know you won’t post this , I’m relaying the message that every golfer and sporting fan would like to say to the $&@$wit program heads that run television in OZ..
    Although we have the option of watching the last placed Sharks play the 12th placed Cowboys on prime time..
    Very sorry, but I’m pissed off !!!


  2. Can understand your frustration totally Arti. Channel 9 had/have the rights to the British Open but over the past couple of years have chosen to run exactly zilch on it. If Adam Scott wins Monday morning they might give a passing reference to it on the 6pm news.


  3. Oh how I despise the home of sport channel 9.
    Try explaining to my 89 year old dad that he cannot watch the open.
    Even with rugby league (which they say they are the home of) they show one game live each week and in qld 90% of the time its broncos.
    I only watch 9 if it really suits me and as soon as the DELAYED sunday league game is over I watch ANY news but nine.
    I know this protest is futile but it makes me feel better.
    Wouldnt it be nice if we could ALL band together and say we will not watch your #$%#$#$%%station


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